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Context is King on a Resume

"Context is king," - Eric Bischoff

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Think About Your Resume Bullet Points

What information are you trying to convey with your resume bullet points?

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Don't Sell Your Skills Short On Your Resume

It's not your job to rate your skills on your resume. It's your job to demonstrate them.

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References Available Upon Request?

Your references can do more than just speak on your behalf!

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Remove Resume "Fluff"

You have 6 seconds to capture a recruiter's attention - get to the point!

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Listing Soft Skills on your Resume?

It's important to differentiate your soft skills on your resume.

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Remove These Three Things on your Resume (And Do These Instead....)

It can be tough to keep up with how resumes are changing.

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Can ChatGPT Write a Cover Letter?

A few weeks ago, I asked ChatGPT to write a resume to see what it delivered. I was certainly left less than impressed with its results, but figured let's see...

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Can You "Beat" the ATS?

Your resume might already be beating an Applicant Tracking System.

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