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Think About Your Resume Bullet Points


Think About Your Resume Bullet Points

Franklin Buchanan |

Here are 2 resume bullet points. Which one do you like better?
- Increased overall team sales by 25% after designing, implementing, and facilitating a new sales refresher program.
- Designed, implemented, and facilitated a new sales refresher program which led to an increase in overall team sales by 25%.
They are both conveying the exact same information. They're both quantifiable and actionable. Why would you prefer one over the other?
If I am looking for a Sales Director, then I like bullet point 1. If I am looking for a Sales Trainer then I like bullet point 2.
When you're writing your resume bullet points you want to think about 2 different things.

1. Who is my audience reading my resume?
2. What do I want them to see first when reading my resume?
In this world of 250 characters and 6 second resume scans, it's vital to get across the most relevant information quickly.

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