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Red Flags to Watch Out for During a Job Interview

We all know that job interviews are a chance for you to get the know the company, too, but it’s easy to forget that when it feels like you’re in...

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Should You Quit Your Job During the “Great Resignation?”

Like moving, marrying, or making another major life change, the decision to quit a job is one that most people take very seriously – and for good reason. Their finances may dwindle,...

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Understanding Outplacement

Downsizing. Rightsizing. Decruited. Redirected, reshuffled, selected out. “Outplacement” might sound like one more fancy way of saying “you’re fired” if you’re going through a job loss – but that isn’t...

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Phone Interviews to Help You Nail the Call

Few things are more exciting than getting the call (or email) from a recruiter that says, “Thank you for submitting your application to Company X. We would like to interview...

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Painless Ways to Network

It’s no secret that networking is one of the best ways to advance your career. According to one study from LinkedIn, 85% of jobs are filled through networking. But we get it...

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Resume Grammar 101

It takes the average recruiter only 6 seconds to size up a resume (6 seconds!) which is why it’s critical that every word counts. And when you’re writing in succinct...

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Four Possible Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Hired (And What to Do About It)

We get it – the job search is tough. Sometimes it takes dozens of applications before something sticks, and even then, the initial interview might not go as planned. You...

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Addressing the F Word: How to Talk About Getting Fired in Your Next Job Interview

Remember that time (two months ago) when you were called into your jerk-of-a-boss’ office (who you could swear had it out for you since day one) and were asked to...

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How To Handle Multiple Job Offers

For those who have never had more than one job offer in hand simultaneously, this topic may make your eyes roll. After all, who doesn’t want to be courted by...

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