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Don't Sell Your Skills Short On Your Resume


Don't Sell Your Skills Short On Your Resume

Franklin Buchanan |

Would you brag about getting anything less than an "A" in a course? You might brag about a "B." I certainly did when it came to my college grades.

But should you tell an employer that you're just a "B" in a certain skill, especially one that's important in your next job?

Absolutely not. Especially on your resume.

Your resume is meant for skills that you're actually good at. And these skills aren't "soft skills" like communications and teamwork (read more about this here).

Your resume should highlight the skills that will help you excel at your next job.

So, don't rate your skills on your resume. Demonstrate them. Are you good at communicating with clients?

Instead of this:

--- Account Management - 8/10
--- Customer Service - 9/10 

Use something like this:

--- Increased customer retention by 25% after implementing a new standard operating procedure for customer follow up.

That's not an 8 out of 10 on customer communications. That's a 10 out of 10. But we're not rating ourselves - which means nothing to a prospective employer - we're showing them how our skills translate to results.

Struggling to demonstrate your skills on your resume? Head over to our Professional Profile Services page and see if we can help.

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