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Timing Isn't Everything...But It Can Be Something.

As I mentioned in my SABA post, when you apply for a job can be almost as important as your application itself. The numbers obviously vary from company to company,...

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Owning the Follow Up

Interviewer: “Jane, thank you for coming in to meet with us today.” Jane: “No, thank you. I appreciate the opportunity and I hope to hear from you soon.” Don’t be...

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5 Tips to Maximize Job Interview Success

As Seen on The Confident Career Job interviews can be stressful. Candidates are most often nervous and unsure of themselves, understandably so. Add in the awkwardness of social distancing protocols...

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So What is With the Name Post Up Careers?

People sometimes wonder how I came up with the name Post Up Careers. Well, the truth is, I didn’t. My wife did. Those that know me know I am an...

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My First Resume

If we’re going to get technical about it, the first resume I ever wrote was my own. I used a Microsoft Word resume template (don’t ever do this) and thought...

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