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An Expanded Venture


An Expanded Venture

Franklin Buchanan |

I’ll never forget the first resume I ever wrote professionally. It was for a man named Jamie who was a delivery driver. Only a few short weeks after starting my first job in the world of talent acquisition, I interviewed him for a similar position at another company and he got the job! First resume, first submission, first placement, and an embarrassing start dance later, my career was on its way. In the time since I’ve helped thousands of people with their resumes, interviews, follow-up strategies, and personal branding.

Outside of working for a staffing company, though, I never considered that there was a need for the skills that I’d been developing until I helped my brother-in-law with his resume. He was applying for an administrative position at a school district and came to me for help. He told me he had spoken to a resume writer but wasn’t sure he wanted to pay her the quoted hourly rate. My first thought was wait a second, I can get paid for this? After he got the job, I realized that maybe I could, in fact, get paid for this. So, shortly after that, I took out an ad in an online service matching website. That led me to my first paying client. She was in client services and was so pleased with my work that she paid me more than what I charged!

Naturally, that got me hooked. So, I have been contracting my services out to several of the larger resume writing websites for the last few years. Ultimately, I decided it was time to promote myself. To post up, so to speak.

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