Today’s businesses are facing a number of unprecedented challenges, including record-setting employee turnover/staffing problems, downsizing issues, and effectively managing, and leveraging, social media (particularly LinkedIn) in order to stay competitive in the business arena.  As a full-service career services company serving the needs of both job seekers and employers/businesses, Post Up Careers offers a wide range of experienced and skilled services for companies of all sizes to help them navigate today’s changing, and often complex, corporate arena.

Our Services for Businesses/Corporate Services include:

Job Description Writing

Attracting, hiring – and retaining – top talent is more challenging than ever.  The job description is a key component to not only attracting a number of the most qualified applicants to your company, but can make all of the difference in attracting the right talent to join your team.

Since a job listing is a candidate’s first impression of your company – and can play a key role in attracting the right candidate with the “right fit” for for your business – it’s important that today’s job descriptions go deeper than a typical listing of the job’s requirements and skills needed.  An effective job description should be written to give insight into not only the job itself, but the company culture – while capturing a candidate’s attention.  Written almost like a sales pitch, today’s job descriptions should provide a compelling description of the job and the company, and present the facts in a clear and concise way – with a clear call-to-action.

At Post Up Careers, we have helped countless businesses throughout all industries craft job descriptions that not only attract candidates – but have been proven to attract (and retain) the right candidates.  Call us today to learn more about our Job Description Writing Services – and let us get started crafting your perfect messages to find your perfect job candidates.

LinkedIn Profile Writing

Just like a job applicant’s LinkedIn profile needs to be extremely well written in order to be viewed by potential employers, a company’s LinkedIn profile also needs to be written in an engaging way to attract top talent and utilize social networking to generate new business.

With an updated and effective company LinkedIn profile, you can craft, and influence, the perception of your company – which can be critical when social selling and positioning yourself as a thought leader within your industry.  Written effectively, and with the right keywords and SEO, your LinkedIn profile can be one of the most effective business development tools to help you build your pipeline.

Career Transition/ Outplacement Services

Providing career transition or outplacement services is an important, and growing, part of doing business today for many companies.  Outplacement services help terminated employees with the transition to a new job (which can include resume writing, job search assistance, and job coaching) – and can bolster companies’ reputations by sending the message that they care about their employees, even after they’re no longer on those companies’ payrolls. By giving employees the resources they need to quickly find another job, companies providing their employees with outplacement services can improve their employer value proposition and mitigate the risk of extended unemployment benefits or a wrongful termination lawsuit.

The value in working with a neutral third-party when it comes to providing the most effective outplacement services – and the services of an experienced outplacement specialist can play a critical role in many staffing situations to help provide valuable assistance to both the terminated employee and the company involved.

At Post Up Careers, we offer outplacement services for businesses that want to see their employees succeed – even after they’ve left the company.  As a highly experienced Certified Professional Career Coach with years of experience helping both job seekers and the people who make hiring decisions, Franklin Buchanan can work with each person needing outplacement services to help them plan their next steps, write a custom resume, and respond confidently in job interviews.  Call today to see how Franklin and Post Up Careers can provide your business with the outplacement services that can be of value not only to your employees as they transition to a new job, but to keeping your company’s reputation intact at all times.


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