Executive: LinkedIn Profile Writing/Development/Optimization



Your LinkedIn profile is a vital tool both in your job search as well as in helping you remain connected in the professional world. LinkedIn profiles need to be extremely well written, as they are likely to be viewed by potential employers and need to effectively highlight your professional experience, skills, and knowledge in the most engaging and sophisticated way possible. Since potential employers and/or recruiters are likely read both your resume and LinkedIn profile, it is important that your profile not be a copy of your resume, and is written in a way to effectively showcase your experience, skills and knowledge in an engaging way.  An expertly written LinkedIn profile with keyword optimization will help you get noticed by other professionals – and get the job. 

Our LinkedIn profile optimization services will build out your profile to maximize your professional networking and career growth strategies. It will be SEO optimized, and designed to maximize keyword search returns.

Why do you need a LinkedIn profile that’s optimized?

  • 95% of recruiters are looking for candidates on LinkedIn, according to Forbes.
  • Recruiters search for profiles using keywords – if your profile doesn’t contain these keywords, they won’t find you.
  • The social platform’s statistics boast that three people are hired every minute using the site.
  • One study found that 122 million people received an interview through LinkedIn and 35.5 million people have been hired by a person they connected with on the site.