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Your resume tells the who and the what part of your career story, but your cover letter tells the why. A cover letter, if done incorrectly, can actually hurt your chances of being considered for a job. When done professionally, a cover letter will demonstrate how you are a good fit for the job while highlighting more of what you bring to the table. Our cover letters will tell employers why they should take a closer look at your resume and bring you in for an interview.

So how does this work? We’ll first have an introductory conversation which you can book below. We’ll talk about your experience and what you’re looking for in your next position. Next, you’ll send me a copy of your resume and the position you are looking to apply to. All of our cover letters are specifically written for a job, but don’t worry, we’ll show you how to adapt them to other positions you’re interested in!

We will develop a clear, concise, persuasive and well-written cover letter for use in your job search.

  • Cover letters provide you with an additional opportunity to not only highlight your information, but demonstrate your communications skills, individuality and how your background can be translated to the job you’re seeking
  • Cover letters are particularly helpful for people seeking to change careers, explain employment gaps/relocations, and those new or re-entering the job market
  • A well-written cover letter can separate you from other job candidates, and build a sense of rapport that can often get you in the door for an interview
  • Information for cover letter obtained through completion of written questionnaire, with up to three rounds of revisions in your purchase


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