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Weekly Series: Careers and Beers

Franklin sits down each week to discuss his favorite ales and his favorite conversations on maximizing your career potential.



As heard on “South Carolina Business Review” on South Carolina Public Radio

Listen to Franklin Buchanan talk about “The Great Resignation” – and what today’s professionals can do to get the job they really want

As Seen on WJCL News, an ABC News Affiliate

The great resignation’: COVID-19 pandemic causing many in South Carolina to change careers

Buchanan has worked in talent acquisition for more than 15 years, and he said, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, he’s seen a significant shift in power.

“It used to be that companies controlled .…



USC Alum Strikes NIL Deal w/ Athletes

Three female student-athletes from USC have struck name, image, and likeness agreements with Post Up Careers…

LocalBiz – Q3 Issue 2021

It’s human nature to want to know how you’re doing, especially when you may expect to find out only during the performance evaluation and review process. Sadly though, it’s a time that’s often ineffective and…



The Donna Drake Show

Franklin has enjoyed joining Donna on her show to talk about all things career. Check out this latest interview in which he discusses…

Harnessing LinkedIn to Grow Your Brand

In today’s business climate, having a LinkedIn profile is essential. Having an optimized LinkedIn profile can help propel your career. A professional profile picture can…



Student Athlete Resume Guide

The number of athletes across all sports, all levels, in the NCAA is nearly half a million. The number that goes on to play professionally for many years is even smaller…

LocalBiz – Q2 Issue 2021

Covid has resulted in long-term unemployment rates we haven’t seen since 2014. It’s also forced workers to reevaluate their priorities. For forward-thinking employers, this is an ideal time to attract great talent…



As Seen on WJCL (an ABC News Affiliate)



As seen nationally on The Donna Drake Show

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