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Use the "Small Things" to Give you Big Advantages in The Gameplan For Your Career


Use the "Small Things" to Give you Big Advantages in The Gameplan For Your Career

Franklin Buchanan |

The entirety of my basketball coaching tenure was spent learning. I studied all the big names. Wooden, Coach K, Frank Martin, Jay Wright, Calipari, Pitino; if they had a book, I read it. Eventually, I came across Basketball Manitoba on YouTube and their “Super Coaches Clinic.” It has some great stuff, but Brian McCormick’s “SABA System” really impacted me on the offensive end of the floor. You can watch part of his YouTube clinic here but the crux of it is to use multiple small advantages to create one big advantage you then use to score. Maybe you pass, cut, screen away, then drive. Each action creates one small advantage that eventually builds to a big advantage, and maybe that drive at the end is really open because of the precise pass, the cut taking the defender away, the screen away to create space, and the drive to finish.

This offensive philosophy applies to your career game plan as well. You need multiple small advantages to create a big advantage in order to land the right job for you. Very few writers will tell you this, but your resume simply isn’t enough. I can write you the perfect resume and you can use it to apply for the perfect job, and you still might not get a call. Why though?

Your resume is one small advantage. There’s more to getting a job than just getting through an Applicant Tracking System. When you applied for the job is almost as important as the application itself. If you’re really lucky you’re going to be 1 of probably over 100 applications. Those aren’t good odds, to begin with. Has the job been posted for a week? You might be at the end of that line and your odds are a lot worse.

That’s why you need multiple small advantages like a professional resume, a cover letter that speaks to what you can do for the organization, and a pathway to getting in front of the hiring manager. That’s why I started Post Up Careers – to help you establish multiple small advantages that will finally get you that big advantage.

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