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Build Your Success Story Bank Today For Your Dream Job Tomorrow: Here’s How


Build Your Success Story Bank Today For Your Dream Job Tomorrow: Here’s How

Franklin Buchanan |

We’ve all seen the headlines. Millions out of work due to COVID-19. That’s millions of people now searching for what’s next in their career story and competing for new opportunities.  When I see these headlines, I also think of something else.

The millions of people who have lost the chance to bank their success stories.

Success stories are a vital part of your career advancement portfolio. They help you stand out from the competition by demonstrating not just what you do, but how successful you are at doing it. You use these stories to take your resume to the next level and to show an interviewer why you’re the right candidate to help the organization fulfill their goals.

I find more often than not that it’s very difficult for most people to talk about their own achievements. In other words, most people find it hard to sell their own success.

First, it’s difficult to remember the small, but important ways we’ve benefited our organizations over the years. Out of sight, out of mind, so to speak.

Second, it’s hard to quantify these achievements if you don’t have access to the organization’s data because you’re no longer employed there.

Don’t let these pitfalls keep you from building your success story bank.

Start making deposits in your bank today by following these simple steps:

  1. Create a personal document (not on your work computer) to house your success story bank. A Google doc or note on your phone may be your best option because you can access it (and add to it) from anywhere.
  2. Catalog the achievements noted in your most recent performance reviews. These are a great starting place for building your bank.
  3. Answer these questions for your current and prior jobs: a. What are the things you are most proud of? b. Were you given any special awards or recognized for your work on a special project? c. Were you promoted or given additional responsibilities because of your achievements? All of these can make great deposits.
  4. Be specific and quantify your success stories wherever possible.
  5. Finally, make it a regular practice to add to this document when new achievements come to mind or when you have a new success in your current role.

And remember, no achievement is too small for your success story bank. Happy depositing!

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